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Yo Obama, where is the CHANGE dude??

December 9, 2009 Leave a comment


Ok, so honeymoon is over folks. We are getting closer to that 1st year anniversary and all those feelings of HOPE, CHANGE in the White House are long gone for me.

Last year I was motivated to promote voting among Hispanics and naturally suggesting people to vote for Obama. Then won the election… big party ….. inauguration day …. big party and then ….. nothing.

He has failed us in many ways:

Healthcare reform? well, I don’t think is going to be something that good for everyone. Sadly is that poor people who can’t afford it will be on the same page as always. Middle class families will continue struggling paying the bills and much more if someone lost his/her job.

Immigration Reform? what? lets not even talk about this topic yet… who needs it? well just around 20 million.

I do not have to be an economist to know what’s going on. Plain and simple my little business when down to the pipes over the last 18th months. Got only ONE job interview for the last 10 months. So even with a college degree and looking at current wages I’m considering what most of my paisanos do: go ahead and clean toilets.

But not all is that bad, that job interview landed me a not a ‘full-time’ job. Because these companies are hiring you for only 32 hours a week tops or so they say, because reality is that people are working their asses more than 40 for sure. That way you are not a full time employee and therefore NO BENEFITS.

Keep seeing my reserves been drained and not so positive about the near future couldn’t help to wonder:

Yo Obama, where is the CHANGE dude?

So far Limbaugh is winning here, because Obama is failing.