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Historic day January 20th 2009 – President Barack Obama

January 21, 2009 Leave a comment


Historic day  January 20th 2009 

For all the people who in one way or another gave their support to Obama through all that long presidential election. From winning the Democratic Party nomination, and being elected by the people on November 4th to finally see what many people wanted to see in this country: CHANGE

As a Mexican who is now naturalized an US citizen I feel proud of given my vote to him and I also now he would’ve gotten more votes from Hispanics, if they would’ve had a chance to vote.

Personally I believe it is a good day to start a new Blog that will cover about many topics, but from a Mexican’s perspective. I’ll guess that many times you might disagree with me and probably other times you could agree. The goal is that you try to understand the other side, because many times we just crash Hispanic/Latino immigrants without really understanding where they are coming from.