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The "Big Caca Award" nomination

So what the hell is the “Big Caca Award” (in Spanish is Premio al/la Gran Mierda)?

It is a recognition for those outstanding individuals who promote all kind of despicable behavior, such as corruption, hatred, lies for their personal gain such as money, ratings, etc. you name it.

Most of the time these people do not contribute in any positive way to our society. So it’s pretty much open to any person who fulfill these basic requirements. Think of a Politician, TV/Radio host, Journalists,  Corporations, Your boss and even “Tu Mama tambien”.

So far for this month of January I could nominate 2 people who fully qualify for the award:


1. Rush Limbaugh – Radio Host who gave us that “I Hope Obama Fails” speech. Way to go Limbaugh, thanks for almost comparing this to a football game so your team always win.

2. Ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich – who finally was removed from office under corruption charges for trying to sell Obama’s senate seat. We know he had the nerve to never pass his resignation claiming no wrong doing.


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