Jack Bauer needs to take a dump or at least take a leak on 24

For once after many seasons it would be fair to hear Jack Bauer say: “Boy, I’ve been holding a fart for over 20 hours and I need to take a dump”.

How does he do it? He’s my hero!

I’d love to have him starting next season eating at a Mexican Restaurant, then we’ll see about that!

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Yo Obama, where is the CHANGE dude??

December 9, 2009 Leave a comment


Ok, so honeymoon is over folks. We are getting closer to that 1st year anniversary and all those feelings of HOPE, CHANGE in the White House are long gone for me.

Last year I was motivated to promote voting among Hispanics and naturally suggesting people to vote for Obama. Then won the election… big party ….. inauguration day …. big party and then ….. nothing.

He has failed us in many ways:

Healthcare reform? well, I don’t think is going to be something that good for everyone. Sadly is that poor people who can’t afford it will be on the same page as always. Middle class families will continue struggling paying the bills and much more if someone lost his/her job.

Immigration Reform? what? lets not even talk about this topic yet… who needs it? well just around 20 million.

I do not have to be an economist to know what’s going on. Plain and simple my little business when down to the pipes over the last 18th months. Got only ONE job interview for the last 10 months. So even with a college degree and looking at current wages I’m considering what most of my paisanos do: go ahead and clean toilets.

But not all is that bad, that job interview landed me a not a ‘full-time’ job. Because these companies are hiring you for only 32 hours a week tops or so they say, because reality is that people are working their asses more than 40 for sure. That way you are not a full time employee and therefore NO BENEFITS.

Keep seeing my reserves been drained and not so positive about the near future couldn’t help to wonder:

Yo Obama, where is the CHANGE dude?

So far Limbaugh is winning here, because Obama is failing.

Rush Limbaugh winner of the 1st Big Caca Award

February 1, 2009 Leave a comment

Love this image

After careful deliberation and between some commercials from Super Bowl XLIII it’s been decided that for last week of January the award goes to Rush Limbaugh. Congratulations Rush!

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The "Big Caca Award" nomination

January 30, 2009 Leave a comment
So what the hell is the “Big Caca Award” (in Spanish is Premio al/la Gran Mierda)?

It is a recognition for those outstanding individuals who promote all kind of despicable behavior, such as corruption, hatred, lies for their personal gain such as money, ratings, etc. you name it.

Most of the time these people do not contribute in any positive way to our society. So it’s pretty much open to any person who fulfill these basic requirements. Think of a Politician, TV/Radio host, Journalists,  Corporations, Your boss and even “Tu Mama tambien”.

So far for this month of January I could nominate 2 people who fully qualify for the award:


1. Rush Limbaugh – Radio Host who gave us that “I Hope Obama Fails” speech. Way to go Limbaugh, thanks for almost comparing this to a football game so your team always win.

2. Ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich – who finally was removed from office under corruption charges for trying to sell Obama’s senate seat. We know he had the nerve to never pass his resignation claiming no wrong doing.


CNN's Campbell Brown Yes Bias, Yes Bullshit

January 29, 2009 Leave a comment


CNN’s Campbell Brown is ripping her clothes off (or at least I wish she was) about Obama’s new ethics rules because the administration hired one lobbyist. Read it here

I can’t recall hearing Campbell talking about hipocrisy around George W. Bush administration in which we had plenty of things to talk about, but hey! she’s married to Dan Senor who worked under Bush’s administration. So no wonder why not many attacks on that side. Can we think of changing the name of your show to “Yes Bias, Yes Bullshit” ?

Come on Brown, this is Politics. You should know better, so give it a rest to this story please.

Just lost your job? don't worry we have money for citigroup jet purchase

January 26, 2009 Leave a comment

71,400 more cuts were announced on Monday alone.

But lets not worry about the Big-Cacas in Citigroup, because thank God they are using your Tax money of that $45 Billion bailout. Sure, it’s a new year with a new President and who doesn’t think it’s time to upgrade your Jet?

So the upgrade just cost $50 million, that way those VP’s & CEO don’t have to experience 1st class or business section on a regular commercial airplane.

A few words come to my mind: GREED between some other nasty ones.

Update 1/29/09: Couple of days back Citigroup announced they are not going to pursue this. Right after Obama’s administration put some pressure to this major selfish A-holes.

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The Obamas do what?

January 23, 2009 Leave a comment

A little humor is going around after watching this so called ‘expert’ talking on Fox about the Obamas. If that’s true I can only say one thing: OUCH!

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